Turku Sea Jazz Moved to Summer 2021


We have been eager to follow up the first steps of our Turku Sea Jazz festival this summer. However, as it currently stands, we are forced to build up patience and wait for another year. The Government of Finland issued a policy on 22th of April that will rule out organizing any public events of more than 500 people until the end of July. The Turku City Council’s earlier recommendations follow similar guidelines, so the decision of postponing the festival to summer 2021 is unfortunately the only right choice.

The health and safety of our audience, performers and festival workers are at the forefront of our organizing efforts, and the responsibility of human life and nature is at the center of our values. No one had envisioned a pandemic disease to block our inaugural event, but it has taught us to hold on to our values even stronger.

Even though Turku Sea Jazz is cancelled this year, our work is not suspended. We will continue our work with other concerts of the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series and are currently negotiating with the Turku Sea Jazz artists of 2020, as we plan on carrying out Turku Sea Jazz in 2021 with the same lineup. As such, the tickets of 2020 are valid for the year 2021. The event will be held in the same venue in Ruissalo, Turku from 30th to 31th of July in 2021.

If you do not wish to use your tickets next year, you can apply for a refund through Tiketti until 31st of August 2020: tiketti.fi/returntickets

As the sparkling spring sunshine warms our hearts and minds, we can fortunately listen to jazz from records or by digital means. After the current situation blows over, live jazz will sound out more brightly than ever throughout Finland!