Festival info


Cathedral Park Terrace: Tuomiokirkonpuisto 1, Turku

Seili church and Restaurant Seili: Seili Island

Forum Marinum: Linnankatu 72, Turku 


Tickets can be bought beforehand at Tiketti.

Tickets are also sold at the festival gate at Forum Marinum
28–29 July from 5 pm forwards.

Festival tickets for Friday and Saturday are changed to a wristband at the festival gate at Forum Marinum. You can go freely in and out the festival area with a wristband. If you have a discount card, please be prepared to show the card and your ID at the gate.

Free concerts

The concert at Cathedral Park Terrace on Wednesday is free of charge.  

Age limit

Festival area at Forum Marinum is K18.

Payment methods

Payment on the Forum Marinum festival site can be done with a bank/credit card.


We advise arriving to the Forum Marinum festival area by a bike or bus. There is a restricted amount of parking spots.

Walking / by bike

A walking route from the city center to Forum Marinum goes alongside Aura River and is approx. 2,5 km long.

City bike

There is a “Fölläri” city bike site at Forum Marinum, so you can conveniently ride a bike from the city center to the venue or from venue to the city center. Read more about Fölläri city bikes.


We advise arriving to the festival area by bike or a bus. There is a restricted amount of parking spots. Please notice there is a four-hour time limit for parking at Forum Marinum yard park. Some of the parking spots are in festival’s use, so the amount of parking spots is limited. Navigate to address Linnankatu 72, or from Turku city center follow the signs to the Harbor. Forum Marinum is located close to Turku Castle. 


The Cathedral Park Terrace and its toilets are accessible for everyone.

At Forum Marinum a toilet for disabled customers can be found in Restaurant Göran. A disabled customer’s assistant has a free entry to the festival.

Food and beverages

Turku Food & Wine brings of a wonderful selection of foods and beverages. There are three restaurants, a wine bar and a collection of artisan breweries. Vegan and gluten free options are also available.

Café Chingón

A Mexican cafe, roastery and bakery offering authentic Mexican flavors. You can find Café Chingón at Turku Sea Jazz festival and on the edge of Turku market square.

Slurp by Bentå

Ramen with an international flair. Bentå combines local ingredients and international flavors. Delicious street food dishes include ramen and sweet treats.


Turku’s classic restaurant Smör serves Scandinavian flavors refined to their peak at Turku Sea Jazz. The menu includes local ingredients from the Baltic Sea seasoned with a little smör.


Take it easy! Lovely spritzes, drinks and lighter beverages made by domestic Kåska. Kåska’s mission is to bring positive change and encounters, both at festivals with a drink in hand and in everyday life.

The wine bar offers a versatile selection of top wines by the glass.’s selection consists of interesting wines from small producers that emphasize naturalness and origin.

Kimito Brewing

Beer from the shores of the Baltic Sea! Kimito Brewing, coming from Kimito island, is responsible for the festival’s selection of microbreweries. Kimito Brewing offers both its own and its partner breweries’ beverages from different sides of the Baltic Sea.


There are waste bins for organic/bio waste and mixed waste at the Forum Marinum festival area. Please put waste in correct bins. Ask for advice from the staff if uncertain.

A safe space

Turku Sea Jazz does not allow any kind of discrimination. Everyone has the right to enjoy the events safely and as themselves – please contribute to public safety and encourage your entourage to do the same. 

We have joined a LGBTQ+ friendly We Speak Gay community and are committed to treat all of our workers and customers equally and with respect despite gender, colour of skin, age, nationality, religion, language, culture or sexual orientation. We Speak Gay community aims for making Finland more empathic and inclusive. 

If you witness or experience any inappropriate behaviour, turn to any of the festival staff members.

Everyone is warmly welcome to Turku Sea Jazz!

Local bus

Local bus nr 1 goes between Turku Airport and Harbor. The bus stop is located on Linnankatu and named “Forum Marinum”. Bus timetables here.


Trains operate from Tampere direction all the way to Turku Harbor, where is takes about 10 min (800 m) to walk to Forum Marinum. Tickets and timetables here.


You can travel for example with Viking Line ships from Åland and Stockholm to Turku. It takes about 10 min (800 m) to walk from Turku Harbor to Forum Marinum. 


Turku Guest Harbor is 800 m away from Forum Marinum. You can reserve a boat site beforehand. Read more here.


T-shirts, hoodies, bags, raincoats etc. are sold at all venues! Payment with a card.

Health safety

We follow health officials’ directions. The festival area is provided with hand sanitizers and a hand washing spot, please utilize them. Do not attend the events if you are feeling ill!


Smoking is allowed at a designated smoking area marked with a sign at the Forum Marinum festival area. Avoid littering.

Restricted items

You are not allowed to bring umbrellas, unsealed bottles or any kind of alcohol or drugs to the festival area. There is a security check at the festival gate. 

First Aid

If first aid is needed, contact a security guard. They are trained to handle first aid situations and can call an ambulance if needed.

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