Tasty food, quality wines and top jazz in July!


Turku Food & Wine brings three top restaurants, an artisan brewery and a wine bar to the festival area at Forum Marinum Maritime Centre on July 29–30! 


A classic in Turku restaurant scene, Smör offers perfected Scandinavian flavors. Their menu includes best ingredients from the Baltic Sea with a touch of smör. 


Restaurant Nomad is an insightful taste trip from Africa to Nordic countries. Nomad draws its ideas from the techniques of Italian cuisine and combines them with African taste world and modern Nordic kitchen.


Restaurant Siro offers relaxed and unforgettable fine dining inspired by Asian kitchen. Bold, strong flavors and spectacular servings.


Beer from the shores of Baltic Sea! The festival’s Artisan brewery selection is brought by  Kimito Brewing from Kimitoön. They serve their own beers as well as a collection from Estonian Tanker brewery and Open Water Brewery from Åland. 


Festival’s own wine bar serves a versatile collection of top wines by glass. The wine bar’s selection is composed with interesting small production wines which emphasize sustainability, naturalness and origin.