Pepe Willberg & Jukka Eskola Statement and Jukka Perko PreBoppers at Turku Sea Jazz in July!


Turku Sea Jazz begins early bird ticket selling on Valentine’s Day. The festival is organized now for the second time and it brings high-class music and delicious food to Forum Marinum’s area on the last weekend of July. First artist bookings are Pepe Willberg & Jukka Eskola Statement and Jukka Perko PreBoppers. More artists will be published during spring.

The urban and marine Turku Sea Jazz will be held on 29–30 July in front of the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre by the Aura river. The audience gets to enjoy the hottest rhythms of Finnish and international jazz as well as wonderful food experiences.

Turku Sea Jazz offers a lovely nostalgia trip with the legendary Pepe Willberg who performs with a top orchestra assembled by trumpetist Jukka Eskola. The concert consists of songs from two of the late composer Otto Donner’s cult albums, En soisi sen päättyvän and Niin vähän on aikaa. Pepe Willberg’s vocals can be heard in both of these 1970s albums but he hasn’t performed most of the songs live before this ensemble. The songs will be performed nearly as they were recorded, modeled according to the original arrangements. Longer instrumental solos are being added for some sweet jazz flavour.

On Saturday master saxophonist Jukka Perko and his friends offer groovy and traditional American jazz. The band consists of guitarist Tomi Kettunen who is famous for his Django Reinhardt type of playing, and Steinway Jazz Talent awarded young generation pianist Toomas Keski-Säntti. The swing is provided by bass player Eero Seppä and drum virtuoso Teppo Mäkynen. Jukka and his jolly companion will perform versions of evergreen tunes which will take us time traveling to 1930s America. 

A unique setting, top-class service and interesting content makes Forum Marinum a true living room for those with a marine soul and now also for friends of jazz and food. Turku Food & Wine brings a wine bar, an artisan brewery and a collection of top restaurants to the festival area. Details will be revealed during spring.

Turku Sea Jazz is one of the four events in the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series which also includes Baltic Jazz, Korpo Sea Jazz and Åland Sea Jazz. The audience can support John Nurminen Foundation’s work for saving the Baltic Sea when purchasing tickets at Tiketti.