Jukka Linkola Tentet and Johanna Försti will perform at Turku Sea Jazz Saturday!


In addition to Lisa Ekdahl, the legendary Jukka Linkola Tentet’s album release concert and Johanna Försti’s catchy program, where pop hits are spiced up with gospel and soul, will be heard at Forum Marinum Maritime Center on the last Saturday of July.

After 27 years, Jukka Linkola Tentet returns to the jazz fields renewed, when Turku-based Flame Jazz Records releases the band’s second album, Rumba Liberte. The music from the new album will be heard at Turku Sea Jazz on Saturday, July 29. The ensemble, led by the award-winning composer-pianist-conductor Jukka Linkola, combines musicians of the older generation with young artists. The result is a multidimensional and surprising entity full of creative madness. In the band’s music, strong elements of latin music are combined with prog drive and a hint of blues, while ballad tones bring balance.

As the culmination of Saturday night, soulful and incredibly versatile singer Johanna Försti will serve up a bunch of fast and energetic songs at the closing concert of the festival. Försti, known from the orchestra of the Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa (Dancing with the Stars) program, leads the listeners into the world of soul and gospel with her dream band, bringing the joy of rhythm and the hum of Hammond to Turku’s summer evening. The hits of Lenny Kravitz, Abba and U2, among others, get a new form in the hands of a quartet consisting of the best artists of Finnish jazz.

Turku Sea Jazz will be celebrated at Cathedral Park Terrace, Seili island and Forum Marinum on July 26–29, 2023. The entire festival program will be announced during May Day week. In connection with the purchase of tickets, audience can support the important marine environmental work of the John Nurminen Foundation at Tiketti.