Turku Sea Jazz Thursday will be celebrated on the island of Seili!


Turku Sea Jazz Thursday on 27 July will be celebrated like last year in a wonderful milieu on the island of Seili!

At Seili church, master guitarist Teemu Viinikainen‘s unique solo concert will be heard at 12 o’clock, and at restaurant Seili, the original PLOP trio will perform together with a true legend of Finnish jazz, Junnu Aaltonen. The “PLOP & JUNNU” album was awarded the Emma prize for the best jazz album of 2022.

The connection vessel M/S Norrskär transports the concert audience from Turku to Seili island and back. You can also come to the concerts with your own transport. A limited number of individual concert tickets are on sale at the door.

The duration of Teemu Viinikainen’s concert is approx. 40 minutes and PLOP & Junnu will perform for approx. 60 minutes. There is time for lunch between the concerts at the restaurant. Weather permitting, the latter concert will be held outdoors.

Schedule on Thursday 27 July 2023
9:30 am M/S Norrskär leaves Turku in front of restaurant Nerå (addr. Läntinen Rantakatu 37)
11:15 am Arrival at Seili island
12:00 pm Teemu Viinikainen, Seili Church
2:00 pm PLOP & JUNNU, Restaurant Seili
4:30 pm M/S Norrskär leaves Seili
6:15 pm Arrival in Turku