Turku Sea Jazz 31 July – 3 August 2024


Hopefully towards next summer! There are so many open questions for the year 2024 that we still have to keep up the excitement about what will happen next summer. We can promise that Turku Sea Jazz will return to the summer event calendar with hot jazz and a maritime atmosphere.

We will definitely continue the fruitful cooperation with Cathedral Park Terrace, and the Seili island concert trip that won the hearts of the audience will be experienced as part of the festival week next year as well.

The project funding period that supported the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series, Turku Sea Jazz included, will end next month. Changes are coming, at least in terms of the fact that we will have to give up the contribution of project worker for next summer. However, we look forward to next year and perhaps a slightly new-looking Turku Sea Jazz! 

After Movie 2023

Photo: Juha Kurri