klo 21:00

Forum Marinum

Saturday ticket 32–45 € / 2-days ticket 52–75 €

Tuomo Prättälä – keyboards, vocals
Tapio Backlund – bass
Teppo Mäkynen – drums

At the closing concert of Turku Sea Jazz, we will enjoy Tuomo’s soulful interpretations!

At the turn of the millennium, Finnish rhythm music rose to prominence through Tuomo Prättälä‘s bands like Quintessence and Q-Continuum. He is also known for the duo Tuomo & Markus as well as his significant solo career. Now, we finally get to hear Tuomo’s new solo material performed by a fresh trio lineup in Turku. Leaning into Teppo Mäkynen‘s and Tapio Backlund‘s astounding groove is a delight for the keyboardist and vocalist.

Tuomo Prättälä is known both as a jazz pianist, from bands like Ilmiliekki Quartet and Linda Fredriksson Juniper, and as one of Finland’s most soulful singers and songwriters. In the new trio lineup, both aspects get a chance to shine brightly.