The Stance Brothers


klo 19:00

Forum Marinum

Friday ticket 32–45 € / 2-day ticket 52–75 €

Teppo Mäkynen – drums
Mikko Antila – vibraphone
Ilari Mäkelä – keyboards
Tapio Backlund – bass

The Stance Brothers began as an imaginary band that gave the visionary of Finnish jazz, drummer Teppo Mäkynen, the opportunity to experiment in the recording studio. What would, for instance, George Duke have done with a Madlib beat? This reverse way of thinking resulted in the much acclaimed album Kind Soul, released in 2007. Now, The Stance Brothers have returned with several 7-inch singles and the album “Duktus,” bringing along a new live lineup. Their music, which brings a good vibe, reflects influences from both Brazilian funk and sample-based hip-hop. Mäkynen has assembled a vibrant and talented group of the most intriguing young players.