The Unknown Baltic Sea: Why is marine research important? – John Nurminen Foundation’s discussion


klo 19:00

Cathedral Park Terrace

Turku Sea Jazz starts with a free event on Wednesday in the wonderful milieu of Cathedral Park in cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation. During the break of the Archipelago Sea Jazz All Stars concert, a discussion on the Baltic Sea will be organized, where current expert guests will discuss the importance of marine research led by the John Nurminen Foundation. The discussion will be held in Finnish.

In the ‘Unknown Baltic Sea’ panel discussion, the focus will be on delving into the underwater world of the Baltic Sea and its exploration. There is still much unknown about the Baltic Sea, and it is difficult to protect what we do not know. What secrets does our sea hold? Why is Baltic Sea research particularly important now, and how do those working to save the sea utilize the knowledge gained?

Discussing the state of the Baltic Sea, research, and efforts for the benefit of our sea are Jari Hänninen, Director of the Archipelago Research Institute; Saara-Sofia Sirén (National Coalition Party), Member of Parliament; Eeva Tähtikarhu, Project Manager at the John Nurminen Foundation; and Pia Juhola, a teacher at Wäinö Aaltonen School along with her students, which participated as the first Finnish educational institution in an international sustainable development education program. The discussion will be moderated by Säde Mäkipää, Communications Specialist at the John Nurminen Foundation.