Riitta Paakki Quartet feat. Rick Margitza (FI/US)


klo 18:00

Forum Marinum

Friday ticket 40-52 € / 2 days 68-85 € (four artists / day)

Riitta Paakki – piano
Rick Margitza – tenor saxophone
Nathan Francis – bass
Joonas Riippa – drums

Riitta Paakki Quartet’s music has irresistible easy swing, catchy melodies and variable harmonies. The bubbling rhythm section meets Paakki’s distinct style and the guest soloist on this Turku Sea Jazz gig is American top saxophonist Rick Margitza. The combination is perfect for Paakki’s compositions which have room for each musician’s creative view. Joy of music can be heard in the quartet’s playing and it comes across all the way to the audience.

Riitta Paakki is an appreciated pianist, composer and band leader. Jazz Finland awarded her with Yrjö prize in 2019. Riitta Paakki Quartet’s album Piste, released in 2020, was nominated in the Emma awards as the jazz album of the year and got full five stars from Helsingin Sanomat.

Riitta Paakki and her band never show off. They work together admirably well, delivering a delightful musical experience.” – Finnish Music Quarterly, Marita Nyrhinen, 8.4.2021

Paakki’s real strength is as a composer, creating fresh originals that sound like they could be standards – and maybe someday will be.” – Jazz Journal, Wif Stenger, 10.10.2021