Felix Zenger & The Real Instruments


klo 22:00

Forum Marinum

Felix Zenger – beatbox
Atte Aho – guitar
Tapio Backlund – bass
Kasperi Sarikoski – trombone
Bentality – rap/vocals

Felix Zenger is known as one the most followed beatbox artists in the world and a pioneer of the field. The questions is: is beatbox even a real instrument? Zenger’s versatility comes across i.a. in his ability to adjust smoothly in different musical roles. He has been heard as a driving force behind rappers as well as a classical orchestra soloist. Zenger’s musical expression has evolved along the years with Iiro Rantala’s New Trio, Don Johnson Big Band and Tuomo. At the same time an idea of his own band has grown.

Felix Zenger & The Real Instruments delivers rhythmically accentuated technical virtuosity which makes the audience nod – whether because of the groove or plain confusion. And one doesn’t feel like hurrying away from that state. In the hub of jazz, hiphop and electronic music sound is Zenger’s virtuosity that always serves the music.

In the concert we hear new compositions as well as cover songs arranged by Zenger’s personal touch. We’ll also get to enjoy visiting artists.

“I’m sorry, but you’re one of the best that ever did it.” – Pharrell Williams