Pepe Willberg & Jukka Eskola Statement


klo 22:00

Forum Marinum

Pepe Willberg – vocals
Jukka Eskola – trumpet, vocals
Pope Puolitaival – saxophones, flutes, vocals
Aleksi Ahoniemi – saxophones, flutes, vocals, guitar
Mikael Myrskog – keyboards, piano
Eero Seppä – bass
Jaska Lukkarinen – drums

Turku Sea Jazz offers an amazing nostalgia trip as legendary singer Pepe Willberg performs with the top orchestra Statement assembled by trumpetist Jukka Eskola.

In the concert we hear a compilation of two 1970s cult albums, En soisi sen päättyvän and Niin vähän on aikaa by the late composer Otto Donner. The songs were originally sung by Willberg.

“I told Pepe about my idea, and it turned out that he had actually never performed the majority of these songs live, nowhere”, tells Eskola. Therefore, Eskola decided to leave modern interpretations to the future generations and this time to perform the songs, together with his ensemble Statement, in the original way as they were recorded at the time, modeling the arrangements by Donner and mostly keeping with the original sound. “The biggest differences have to do with the duration and the solos of the compositions: those might be now lengthier and maybe more attuned to our present time. That has its place in the interpretation, as well”.