Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low II (CH/SE)


klo 21:00


Lucia Cadotsch – voice
Otis Sandsjö – tenor saxophone
Frans Petter Eldh – double bass

Rising to the stage of the Westin Hall is a group formed by three unique artists who are inspired by minimalism and the avantgarde. Their new album, Speak Low II, will be released this November by the Helsinki imprint We Jazz Records. On the album, the trio can be heard conveying their love for music via an open dialogue. Swiss-born Lucia Cadotsch is one of the more creative musicians spanning from the younger generation of European jazz musicians. The genre-bending triplet is completed by Swedish saxophonist Otis Sandsjö and bassist-producer Frans Petter Eldh, who is also known from the group Y-Otis.