John Scofield – Yankee Go Home


klo 20:00

Forum Marinum

John Scofield – guitar
Jon Cowherd – piano
Vicente Archer – bass
Josh Dion – drums

The legendary John Scofield crowns the Turku Sea Jazz festival Friday with his band! John Scofield (born 1951) is an American jazz guitarist and composer. “Sco” hit people’s consciousness in the 1980’s with Miles Davis albums. He is an elaborately versatile artist and handles soul, hip hop, jazz and rock rhythms.

John Scofield’s newest project is named Yankee Go Home. Scofield embraces American rock and folk hits and seasons them with his fifty years of jazz experience. Scofield draws inspiration for the project from his teenage rock years. He has also composed new songs suitable for the concept. The quartet boldly seizes classics from Neil Young to Buddy Holly and Stevie Wonder to Leonard Bernstein.

Scofield has gathered an experienced group for this project with musicians known from Cassandra Wilson’s and Robert Glasper’s bands. He has John Cowherd on the keyboard, Vicente Archer on bass and Josh Dion on drums. A creative touch and seamless communication can be heard in their playing as they adventure through rock, funk, country and jazz.