Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble


klo 22:30


Noël Saïzonou – lead vocals, percussion
Janne Halonen – guitar, vocals
Sampo Riskilä – bass, vocals
Juha Räsänen – drums, vocal
Mikko Pettinen – trumpet, vocals
Joakim Berghäll – saxophone, vocals
Kasheshi Makena – percussion, vocal
Visa Oscar – keyboards

The fifth album by the Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble marks a return to the group’s roots of a more organic and vintage-y soundstage. Like previous albums, the recordings have been made on two different countries and continents: in Finland and in Benin, West Africa. This time around Janne Halonen and Noël Saïzonou could not meet in person to discuss their work, and much of the job was finished via Zoom. Saïzonou recorded in the small town of Comè, Benin, whereas the rest of the group was captured in Helsinki by the percussive master Abdissa Assefa. Themes of the album focus on the unpredictability of life and one’s ability to control their future. The album, which also guest features Zimbabwe rapper Synik and the aforementioned percussionist Assefa, is set to be released in May of 2021.