Aki Rissanen Solo


klo 18:00


Saturday - basic ticket 47 €

Aki Rissanen – piano, Omniwerk, electronics

Right now, pianist Aki Rissanen is one of the more known Finnish jazz musicians on the international stage. On Rissanen’s new solo record Divided Horizon he combines classical, electronic, and jazz music to his minimalistic melodic motifs. Featured on the record, as well as at the Turku Sea Jazz concert, is the unique Omniwerk-synth – only one exists in the world! The release of the new album will be celebrated at the April Jazz Festival in October.

Omniwerk is the creation of harpsichord builder Jukka Ollikka and electronics visionary Jonte Knif. The Omniwerk is a combination of two historical keyboard instruments: Leonardo da Vinci’s Viola Organista and the baroque era lute instrument Lautenwerk. As it currently stands, there exists only one Omniwerk, which has been built by bassist-composer Lauri Porra. It has never been utilized in jazz music before.

Rissanen had his breakthrough when Edition Records released Aki Rissanen Trio’s debut album Amorandom in the spring of 2016. The album was released to acclaim and won the Emma Award for Jazz Album of the Year. The debut was followed by Another North and Art in Motion in 2017 and 2019, which raised Aki Rissanen Trio to the forefront of European jazz. As such the Trio has performed extensively abroad. As a solo act, Rissanen has performed concerts for a while, and has released two solo piano records. For him, playing solo can be described as an intimate and natural way of performing his music.