Cyrille Aimée


klo 20:00

Forum Marinum

Cyrille Aimée – vocals
Dave Torkanowsky – piano
Matteo Bortone – bass

The charismatic, French-born Cyrille Aimée (born 1984) delights the Turku Sea Jazz audience with a serving of international glamour. Aimée has rapidly taken a place as one of her generation’s most followed and awarded jazz singers. French-Dominican roots and a passion for gypsy jazz are a big source of inspiration to Aimée, who charms the listeners with her soft voice and skillful improvisation. 

Aimée has settled in New York where she is also known as a Broadway actress. She has won the Montreux Jazz and Sarah Vaughan song contests and been nominated in the Grammy awards. Aimée has released eight ensemble albums and four solo albums, from which the latest honors the musical composer legend Stephen Sondheim. The New York Times has described Aimée as a mix of Michael Jackson and Sarah Vaughan – she has one foot in the jazz tradition and the other in innovations of electronic music. 

“Rising star in the galaxy of jazz singers” – The New York Times